Data Access

The SMASH data are accessible by a variety of means:

Data Lab Database Queries

The Data Lab database can be queried using the query client software (a python API interface) from a Jupyter notebook or a regular python environment. Both synchronous and asynchronous (for longer-running queries) queries are supported. In addition, the online Query Interface can also be used for queries and to browse the schema and columns.

Data Lab Table Access Protocol (TAP) service

TAP provides a convenient access layer to the SMASH catalog database. TAP-aware clients (such as TOPCAT) can point to, select the smash_dr2 database, and see the database tables and descriptions. smash_dr2 contains seven tables: field, chip, exposure, field, object, deep, source, and xmatch.

Image cutouts

The Data Lab Simple Image Access (SIA) service provides a fast way to retrieve cutouts from SMASH images. For an example of how to use the SIA service, see this Jupyter notebook.

Jupyter Notebook Server

The Data Lab Jupyter Notebook server contains examples of how to access and visualize the SMASH catalog.