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Table: smash_dr2.field
(The bold columns are indexed columns)
Column NameDescriptionDatatype
decDeclination (J2000.0) of field, in degreesDOUBLE
gcalibIs the g-band data calibrated?SMALLINT
glatGalactic latitude of field, in degreesDOUBLE
glonGalactic longitude of field, in degreesDOUBLE
icalibIs the i-band data calibrated?SMALLINT
mslatMagellanic Stream latitude of field, in degreesDOUBLE
mslonMagellanic Stream longitude of field, in degreesDOUBLE
nameSMASH Field nameCHAR
nchipsNumber of chips for this fieldINTEGER
nexpNumber of total exposures of fieldSMALLINT
nexp_gNumber of g-band exposuresSMALLINT
nexp_iNumber of i-band exposuresSMALLINT
nexp_rNumber of r-band exposuresSMALLINT
nexp_uNumber of u-band exposuresSMALLINT
nexp_zNumber of z-band exposuresSMALLINT
nobjNumber of objects for this fieldINTEGER
nsrcNumber of sources for this fieldINTEGER
raRight Ascension (J2000.0) of field, in degreesDOUBLE
rcalibIs the r-band data calibrated?SMALLINT
ring256HEALPix ring nside=256 indexBIGINT
ucalibIs the u-band data calibrated?SMALLINT
zcalibIs the z-band data calibrated?SMALLINT

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