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Table: smash_dr1.field
(The bold columns are indexed columns)
Column NameDescriptionDatatype
decDeclination (J2000.0) of field, in degreesDOUBLE
gcalibIs the g-band data calibrated?SMALLINT
glatGalactic latitude of field, in degreesDOUBLE
glonGalactic longitude of field, in degreesDOUBLE
htm9HTM index (order 9 => ~10 arcmin size)BIGINT
icalibIs the i-band data calibrated?SMALLINT
mslatMagellanic Stream latitude of field, in degreesDOUBLE
mslonMagellanic Stream longitude of field, in degreesDOUBLE
nameSMASH Field nameCHAR
nchipsNumber of chips for this fieldINTEGER
nest4096Nested-scheme HEALPix (Gorski et al. 2005) index with NSIDE=4096 (~1 arcmin resolution)BIGINT
nexpNumber of total exposures of fieldSMALLINT
nexp_gNumber of g-band exposuresSMALLINT
nexp_iNumber of i-band exposuresSMALLINT
nexp_rNumber of r-band exposuresSMALLINT
nexp_uNumber of u-band exposuresSMALLINT
nexp_zNumber of z-band exposuresSMALLINT
nobjNumber of objects for this fieldINTEGER
nsrcNumber of sources for this fieldINTEGER
raRight Ascension (J2000.0) of field, in degreesDOUBLE
rcalibIs the r-band data calibrated?SMALLINT
ring256Ring-scheme HEALPix (Gorski et al. 2005) index with NSIDE=256 (~14 arcmin resolution)BIGINT
ucalibIs the u-band data calibrated?SMALLINT
zcalibIs the z-band data calibrated?SMALLINT

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