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(The bold columns are indexed columns)
Column NameDescriptionDatatype
cameraThe camera that took this image, e.g. decamVARCHAR(n)
ccddecoffMedian astrometric offset for the CCD in arcsec.REAL
ccddecrmsrms in astrometric offset for the CCD in arcsecREAL
ccdnameCCD name (see DECam layout), e.g. N10 or S7VARCHAR(n)
ccdphrmsPhotometric rms for the CCD (in mag).REAL
ccdraoffMedian astrometric offset for the CCD in arcsec.REAL
ccdrarmsrms in astrometric offset for the CCD in arcsecREAL
ccdskycountsMean sky count level per pixel in the CP-processed frames measured (with iterative rejection) for each CCD in the image section [500:1500,1500:2500]REAL
ccdzptZeropoint for the CCD (AB mag).REAL
cd1_1Astrometric header value: transformation matrix.REAL
cd1_2Astrometric header value: transformation matrix.REAL
cd2_1Astrometric header value: transformation matrix.REAL
cd2_2Astrometric header value: transformation matrix.REAL
crpix1Astrometric header value: X reference pixel.REAL
crpix2Astrometric header value: Y reference pixel.REAL
crval1Astrometric header value: RA of reference pixel.DOUBLE
crval2Astrometric header value: Dec of reference pixel.DOUBLE
ddecMaximum distance from RA,Dec center to the edge midpoints, in DecREAL
decDeclination at epoch J2000DOUBLE
dec0Dec coordinate of pixel (1,1)DOUBLE
dec1Dec coordinate of pixel (1,H)DOUBLE
dec2Dec coordinate of pixel (W,H)DOUBLE
dec3Dec coordinate of pixel (W,1)DOUBLE
dec_boreTelescope boresight Dec of this exposure (deg).DOUBLE
dec_centerDec coordinate of CCD centerDOUBLE
decam_extinction_1Extinction for optical filters uREAL
decam_extinction_2Extinction for optical filters gREAL
decam_extinction_3Extinction for optical filters rREAL
decam_extinction_4Extinction for optical filters iREAL
decam_extinction_5Extinction for optical filters zREAL
decam_extinction_6Extinction for optical filters YREAL
draMaximum distance from RA,Dec center to the edge midpoints, in RAREAL
ebvSFD98 E(B-V) extinction for CCD centerREAL
expnumUnique DECam exposure number, e.g. 348244BIGINT
exptimeExposure time in seconds, e.g. 30REAL
filterFilter used for observation, e.g. g, r, zCHAR
fwhm[use seeing instead]REAL
galdepth5-sigma galaxy (0.45" round exp) detection depth in AB magREAL
galnorm_meanNorm of the PSF model convolved by a 0.45" exponential galaxy.REAL
galnorm_stdStandard deviation of galaxy norm.REAL
gaussgaldepth5-sigma galaxy detection depth in AB mag, using Gaussian PSF approximationREAL
gausspsfdepth5-sigma PSF detection depth in AB mag, using Gaussian PSF approximation (using seeing value)REAL
good_region_1If only a subset of the CCD images was used, this array of x0,x1,y0,y1 values gives the coordinates that were used, [x0,x1), [y0,y1). -1 for no cut (most CCDs).SMALLINT
heightHeight in pixels of this image, eg 4096.SMALLINT
humidityPercent humidity outsideREAL
image_filenamePath to FITS image, eg decam/CP20140810_g_v2/c4d_140815_235218_ooi_g_v2.fits.fz.VARCHAR(n)
image_hduFITS HDU number in the image_filename file where this image can be found.SMALLINT
maxskyMax of our sky levelREAL
meanskyfloat32 Our pipeline (not the CP) estimate of the sky level, average over the image, in ADU.REAL
minskyMin of our sky levelREAL
mjd_obsDate of observation in MJD (in UTC system), eg 56884.99373389.DOUBLE
objectName listed in the object tag from the CCD headerVARCHAR(n)
outtempfloat32 Outside temperate (deg C).REAL
pixscale_maxMax of pixel scaleREAL
pixscale_meanPixel scale (via sqrt of area of a 10x10 pixel patch evaluated in a 5x5 grid across the image), in arcsec/pixel.REAL
pixscale_minMin of pixel scaleREAL
pixscale_stdStandard deviation of pixel scaleREAL
plverCommunity Pipeline (CP) PLVER version stringVARCHAR(n)
propidNOAO Proposal ID that took this image, eg 2014B-0404.VARCHAR(n)
psf_aPSF model major axis (pixels)REAL
psf_bPSF model minor axis (pixels)REAL
psf_ellfloat32 PSF ellipticity 1 - minor/majorREAL
psf_mx2float32 PSF model second moment in x (pixels^2)REAL
psf_mxyfloat32 PSF model second moment in x-y (pixels^2)REAL
psf_my2float32 PSF model second moment in y (pixels^2)REAL
psf_thetaPSF position angle (deg)REAL
psfdepth5-sigma PSF detection depth in AB mag, using PsfEx PSF modelREAL
psfnorm_meanPSF norm = 1/sqrt of N_eff = sqrt(sum(psf_i^2)) for normalized PSF pixels i; mean of the PSF model evaluated on a 5x5 grid of points across the image. Point-source detection standard deviation is sig1 / psfnorm.REAL
psfnorm_stdStandard deviation of PSF normREAL
raRight ascension at epoch J2000DOUBLE
ra0RA coordinate of pixel (1,1)...Note that the ordering of the CCD corners is detailed hereDOUBLE
ra1RA coordinate of pixel (1,H)DOUBLE
ra2RA coordinate of pixel (W,H)DOUBLE
ra3RA coordinate of pixel (W,1)DOUBLE
ra_boreTelescope boresight RA of this exposure (deg).DOUBLE
ra_centerRA coordinate of CCD centerDOUBLE
sig1Median per-pixel error standard deviation, in nanomaggiesREAL
skyrmsSky rms for the entire image (in counts)REAL
stdskyStandard deviation of our sky levelREAL
tileebvfloat32 Mean SFD98 E(B-V) extinction in the tile, 0 for data from programs other than BASS, MzLS or DECaLSREAL
tileidtile number, 0 for data from programs other than MzLS or DECaLSINTEGER
tilepasstile pass number, 1, 2 or 3, if this was an MzLS or DECaLS observation, or 0 for data from other programs. Set by the observers (the meaning of tilepass is on the status page)SMALLINT
widthWidth in pixels of this image, eg 2046.SMALLINT
wise_extinction_1float32[4] Extinction for WISE bands W1REAL
wise_extinction_2float32[4] Extinction for WISE bands W2REAL
wise_extinction_3float32[4] Extinction for WISE bands W3REAL
wise_extinction_4float32[4] Extinction for WISE bands W4REAL
zptMedian zero point for the entire image (median of all CCDs of the image), eg 25.0927.REAL