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Table: dad_dr2.addobs
(The bold columns are indexed columns)
Column NameDescriptionDatatype
ccdCCD number in DECam dataINTEGER
cutoutfilename for cutout image (file[extension] MEF syntax)CHAR
datasetdataset identifierCHAR
dec_obsDeclination of detected source (deg)DOUBLE
expidexposure id within the set of exposuresINTEGER
groupidtracklet ID number within datasetINTEGER
movidunique tracklet ID assigned by the surveyCHAR
ra_obsRA of detected source (deg)DOUBLE
xcolumn pixel coordinate in CCD image (pix)REAL
xcocolumn pixel coordinate in cutout image (pix)REAL
yrow pixel coordinate in CCD image (pix)REAL
ycorow pixel coordinate in cutout image (pix)REAL

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