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Dear Datalab colleagues, 

I was to download the image cutout. But I had the sia server url error like below:

DALServiceError: 502 Server Error: Proxy Error for url: https://datalab.noao.edu/sia/coadd_ls_dr7?POS=190.6095%2C67.7055&SIZE=0.3453117461576652%2C0.131&FORMAT=ALL&INTERSECT=OVERLAPS&VERB=2

I have one question: is the coadd server working? If yes, is there any coadd images for ls_dr9? 



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Thanks for your message, the SIA service had to be restarted, but in this case the problem is that the service URL is simply "/sia/ls_dr7" since all images are coadded.  As for your second question, the LS DR9 service was added just yesterday with the service URL https://datalab.noao.edu/sia/ls_dr9
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I have one more question, the files I searched for RA = 190.6095, DEC = 67.7055 only has 'prodtype= blobmodel', I do not see "image". But when I searched the files in the legacy sky viewer, I can find a bunch of image files. Why is that?
There are indeed no LS DR7 images at that position, however there are images from DR9.  What you are likely seeing in the legacy sky viewer are from the default DR9 overlay.  You can use the menu on the right to select older survey images, note the "DR6+DR7" option is really just showing you the DR6 images at that position.
Thanks for the response. I indeed use the LS DR9, but only the model image are found. As you know, I need the observation image. So I wonder how I can extract the observation image.
I'm still investigating.  The images for DR9 are in the database but for some reason the positional data is all zero so they aren't showing up in the search.  Stay tuned.....
There was an initialization error in the metadata scraping task used to create the SIA tables that lead to some images improperly reading the WCS information from the FITS file.  This has been fixed and the LS DR9 images are being rescraped and will be reloaded, this will take 1-2 days and I'll post back once it is finished.  Thanks for the report, this was an easy problem to overlook.
Any updates on the SIA server now? Thanks.
It is still processing, I expect it to finish today at the current rate.
The scraping finally finished and the tables have been reloaded in the database.  There are now 'image' prodtypes at your position.  Please let us know if you find any other problems.
Thank you very much. I tried it and it works now. One more little question: how do I select the "mask" image for each observation image? I tried to set prodtype= mask, but it did not work.

Thanks again and have a great long weekend.
The mask image isn't identified automatically by the prodtype/proctype keywords (these are pulled from the headers), however you can do a search on the 'accessURL' field for the substring 'maskbits.fits.fz' to find the image.  Note this trick is peculiar to the Legacy Survey images.
Not sure what happened, the SIA server seems down again. See the error below:

DALServiceError: 502 Server Error: Proxy Error for url: https://datalab.noao.edu/sia/ls_dr9?POS=196.6095%2C67.7055&SIZE=1.3179837639605543%2C0.5&FORMAT=ALL&INTERSECT=OVERLAPS&VERB=2

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