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My notebooks were working fine the other day, and I have not changed anything since then, but now when I run them, I get a long error that lists several tracebacks, and at the bottom of each one it says "PermissionError: [Errno 13] Permission denied." I'm not sure if the issue is something on my end or the server's end.
asked Mar 9 by jmedoff (160 points) | 48 views

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Hi, thanks for reaching out. We've had a NB server restart and related issues earlier today. Can you please try restarting your NB server completely, and try again? (File / Hub Control Panel / Stop my server / My Server / Launch).

If after that you still see these errors, please post here a code snippet (i.e. which NB, which command, and which error message you get), or even email to us a minimal NB that shows the problem. Please email it to datalab@noirlab.edu

Robert, for the DL team
answered Mar 9 by datalab (11,520 points)
The problem seems to be fixed now, thank you!
Glad to hear that. Please don't hesitate to reach out again if you run into trouble.

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