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Data Lab user accounts can be created using the 'Sign Up'  link found on the right side of the title banner of our website.  We will ask for some identifying information such as name, email, institution in order to create the account, however the account will not be active until a moderator has approved the request and you receive an email indicating the account has been activated.

Because a user account grants access to specific (and limited) NOAO resources on our servers, we are currently limiting access to professional researchers.  Anonymous access may still be used to query for public data, but not all features of Data Lab (specifically use of virtual storage) will be available.  We suggest you register using your institutional email address to make it easier for us to identify you rather than a personal email address such as Gmail.

If you have received no activation message but believe your account should be approved, please feel free to contact us at datalab@noao.edu to discuss your account status.  Likewise, please contact us if you would like to create a shared Data Lab account for use by students.

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