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For a x-match query matching a catalog to the ls_dr8.tractor catalog, the flux values for the wise columns are spurious. This only occurs for sources with ls_dr8 south declinations, while the mag_w* columns appear to correspond to the correct values.

See quick diagnostic plots here: https://imgur.com/a/zcRwVwU
asked Oct 2 by anonymous | 23 views

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Thank you for your observations and diagnostic plots. Taking a look into this.
answered Oct 2 by ascottdemo (780 points)
If you query ls_dr8.tractor_s do you get the same issue?
When querying a cone in ls_dr8.tractor_s i dont find this issue. Seems to be limited to the results from the x-match tool.
Not sure why I didn't notice before now, but it looks like the issue is simply that the flux_w[1234] and flux_ivar_w[1234] columns are swapped for the ls_n sources.
Thank you for finding this issue!

We remedied this and is in process of being deployed to production.  Will post back here once completed.

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