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I am running a notebook that worked last time I logged into DataLab, but now am getting the following error when trying to plot using matplotlib.pyplot:

"RuntimeError: Failed to process string with tex because dvipng could not be found"

Any idea what has recently changed that would have made matplotlib unable to locate latex/dvipng?
asked Sep 7 by jcarlin (160 points) | 41 views
Here are the contents of the cell I am trying to execute:

params = {
   'axes.labelsize': 20,
   'font.size': 20,
   'legend.fontsize': 14,
#   'xtick.labelsize': 16,
   'xtick.major.width': 3,
   'xtick.minor.width': 2,
   'xtick.major.size': 8,
   'xtick.minor.size': 5,
   'xtick.direction': 'in',
   'xtick.top': True,
   'ytick.major.size': 8,
   'ytick.minor.size': 5,
   'ytick.direction': 'in',
   'ytick.right': True,
#   'ytick.labelsize': 20,
   'text.usetex': True,
   'text.latex.preamble': r'\boldmath',
   'figure.figsize': [7,9]


plt.plot(g0[star & cen]-i0[star & cen],i0[star & cen],'c.',alpha=0.2)

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Actually, I logged out of DataLab and logged back in, and this problem went away. I'm guessing that my login was "stale," and my path wasn't set up correctly...
answered Sep 7 by jcarlin (160 points)
I can't explain why it previously might have worked, however 'dvipng' was not installed on the machine.  It was installed but I became distracted before replying so it's possible that you picked up the new binary afterwards.

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