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Thank you for alerting us to it, we very much appreciate you taking the time.

It turns out only the leading underscore character (before '04') was superfluous; it should have been removed during the last renaming of our files. The links are to sub-directories on Github, since we provide both the ipynb files, as well as rendered html versions of the notebooks.

Please don't hesitate to let us know if we can do anything else.

Best regards,

Robert for the Data Lab team
answered May 6, 2020 by datalab (11,440 points)
I suggest that the link be directly to the Notebook `ipynb` file.  I suggest this for two reasons:
1.  If you open up the .html version using the GitHub link it doesn't provide a rendered version of the Notebook.  It instead provides the raw HTML.  So this option isn't what the user wants anyway.
2.  It's what the link says:  "link to Notebook".  Not "link to directory with HTML and ipynb versinos of Notebook."  Imagine the new graduate student or summer undergraduate having been tasked to "use the NOAO Data Lab" to do "something".  They won't understand what they're seeing on the GitHub directory listing; they'll stop and figure they did something wrong and go ask someone.

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