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I am trying to get magnitude errors for g, r, z, w1, w2, w3, and w4. This doesn't seem to be listed as a column. I am trying to use the snr_BAND columns along with the flux_BAND columns to get a flux error I can covert to a magnitude error. If there is a more straightforward way to get magnitude error please let me know. I am running into the problem that when I run the query it says flux_g, flux_r, flux_z don't exist. I am able to get flux_w1-4.

Here is the query:

sql_ls = '''SELECT  o.id, gg.ls_id, gg.ra, gg.dec,
        gg.flux_g, gg.flux_r, gg.flux_z,
        gg.flux_w1, gg.flux_w2, gg.flux_w3, gg.flux_w4,
        gg.mag_g, gg.mag_r, gg.mag_w1, gg.mag_w2, gg.mag_w3, gg.mag_w4, gg.mag_z,
        gg.ebv, gg.snr_g, gg.snr_r, gg.snr_w1, gg.snr_w2, gg.snr_w3, gg.snr_w4, gg.snr_z,
        (q3c_dist(o.ra,o.dec,gg.ra,gg.dec)*3600.0) as dist_arcsec
         FROM mydb://hdx_o3_objects AS o
               SELECT gg.*
                        ls_dr8.tractor AS gg
                        q3c_join(o.ra, o.dec, gg.ra, gg.dec, 0.01)
                    ORDER BY
                    ASC LIMIT 1
               ) as gg ON true;'''
asked May 1, 2020 by anonymous | 290 views

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While we are working on adding the flux_g, flux_r and flux_z columns, you can derive those values by multiplying dered_flux by the corresponding mw_transmission..

For example,  to derive flux_z, multiply dered_flux_z by mw_transmission_z.
answered May 1, 2020 by ascott (720 points)
Thanks. Also are the magnitudes for g, r, z, w1-4 all AB and the flux units are all in nanomaggies?

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