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Hi Carlos,

thank you for your question.  Taking a look at this now.

When I remove the acos() it is returning a result, will keep looking.
answered Mar 5 by ascottdemo (680 points)
Hi Carlos,

a little more digging and you got "lucky" to run across a number that looks like 1 but is actually a little more than 1.  We use double precision numbers that can be inexact (https://www.postgresql.org/docs/11/datatype-numeric.html) due to the nature of floating point numbers.
Try this query
SELECT acos( sin( (des_sva1.gold_catalog.dec_j2000)*3.14159/180) *
       sin(((-43.147769))*3.14159/180) +
       cos( (des_sva1.gold_catalog.dec_j2000)*3.14159/180) *
       cos(((-43.147769))*3.14159/180) *
       cos((des_sva1.gold_catalog.ra_j2000-(6.928423))*3.14159/180) - 0.0000000000001 )
 as pdis FROM des_sva1.gold_catalog WHERE des_sva1.gold_catalog.ra_j2000 BETWEEN 6.9270341111111 AND 6.9298118888889 AND des_sva1.gold_catalog.dec_j2000 BETWEEN -43.149157888889 AND -43.146380111111 ;
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Thanks for your answer.

Actually this is a useful trick. I am going to use it.

Thanks again :)
answered Mar 5 by Carlos

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