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I am trying to download some image cutouts with data lab. However, it seems I can only search for image but not download the images. When I click on the image thumbnail link, I got "500 internal server error". I also tried to change exten=2 to exten=0 in the link while I still can not download it.

asked Feb 7 by anonymous | 25 views

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The problem is fixed now.Please try again and let us know if it still does not work you.

answered Feb 7 by datalab (6,840 points)
Thanks so much for fixing it. It works when I using the browser. But when I tried to use the python package pyvo to download the cutout, it can not connect to the database. Do you have any insights on that?
pos = SkyCoord.from_name('NGC 5614')
ssa_service = vo.dal.SSAService("https://datalab.noao.edu/sia/ls_dr8")
ssa_results = ssa_service.search(pos=pos)
I believe it has been working in the past few days but it just not works today.
You should be able to download the cutout with python package now. Please try again. Thank you for your patience!
Thanks. It works now.

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