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I cannot make any changes to my vos:// space, such as creating a file, copying a file there, etc. I am trying to download a file I created in the directory one up from the vospace one (which is accessed by using vos:// in the storeClient module), and from the example notebooks provided, I do not see a way to download any file that is not from the vos:// space, as the path is unclear and the download command does not give any errors. I would like to either figure out how to make it possible to copy files to my vos:// space, or be able to download files NOT in my vospace directory. What would be the best way to do this?
asked Dec 2, 2019 by anonymous | 73 views

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thanks for reaching out. We can't reproduce the problems you observe with the information you gave. Could you please send an email to datalab@noao.edu, and there include your Data Lab user name, and show all the code/commands you are trying that fail. We'll follow up from there. Thank you!

answered Dec 2, 2019 by datalab (11,440 points)

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