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Does information about the per pixel uncertainty/sigma exists in the data labs? The legacy survey itself has an invvar brick which would be exactly what I need, but an svc search in data labs does not result in anything that is a prodtype that would lead me to an uncertainty.
asked Nov 25, 2019 by derrcarr (160 points) | 38 views

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The image service for LS DR7 contains images where the 'prodtype' is 'wtmap' -- these are the invvar brick files you mentioned.  If you do an image search the result list should contain all the image types at a particular position so it should be possible to get cutouts of the pixel data as well as the invvar brick of the same region.
answered Nov 25, 2019 by datalab (8,420 points)
I never would've guessed that, thank you :)

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