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The legacy survey has all their information about their files here: http://legacysurvey.org/dr7/files/

This page lists fits files such a chi2 fits, model fits, galdepth, and nexp, which do show up in the svc search in a jupyter notebook.

However some files, such as the invvar or the maskbits, do not show up (and additionally the tables here do not match up the ones in the schema, such as a galaxy table showing up on NOAO but not on their website). Does anyone know why this information isn't readily available?

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asked Jul 3 by derrcarr (140 points) | 33 views

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Hi Derrick, thank you for getting in touch, and for your patience. The "galaxy" and "star" tables are views of the tractor table for objects that respectively do not (or do) have type=PSF, with the rough assumption that PSF light profiles accurately select stars. In details, this is not a perfect sample separation so we will likely no longer generate these views. Regarding the first part of the question, we attempted to serve the data products for which we expected to be a demand by our users. We are open to suggestions and requests, which we consider as a team before ingesting additional datasets or data products. Could you please let us know which of the data products you would need for your work? It would be even more helpful for our assessment if you could possibly provide an example use case for the data products.
answered Jul 13 by S. Juneau

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