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asked Jan 23, 2019 by kayliglidic (160 points) | 138 views

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The password for the website and for the notebooks is the same.  A fix to the login mechanism was just installed so It's possible your login attempt overlapped with that change, so please try again.  If you're still having problems, try clearing your browser cookies or post back.
answered Jan 23, 2019 by datalab (7,760 points)
Still having trouble. I tried closing data lab, logging back in, and clearing my browser cookies but login is still not working.
I verified that the problem still occurs for user kayliglidic, even in Incognito mode.
User kayliglidic reset the password before the fix was deployed, so the password was not reset correctly. User need to reset the password again.
Oops, my fault, I advised her to try a password reset.  Resetting again now.

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