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SELECT ra,dec

FROM ls_dr7.tractor

 WHERE q3c_radial_query(ra,dec,150.000000, 30.000000,10.000000)

returns no values but changing the database from ls_dr7.tractor to something like gaia_dr1.gaia_source does. I tried changing the RA and DEC but I get a table with 0 rows always. This has to do with the q3c_radial_query function because removing it seems to give some results. Can someone help me with this query?

asked Dec 2 by Sunil | 11 views

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Hi Sunil,

I tried your query and I _do_ get ra and dec values with ls_dr7.tractor. Here what I did:

from dl import queryClient as qc
from dl.helpers.utils import convert

q = """SELECT ra,dec
          FROM ls_dr7.tractor
          WHERE q3c_radial_query(ra,dec,150.000000, 30.000000,10.000000)""
res = qc.query(sql=q)
df = convert(res,'pandas')
           ra        dec
0  147.522478  20.257198
1  147.525956  20.254218
2  147.528038  20.256896
3  147.530572  20.255945
4  147.532124  20.256417

Could you try this code snippet and report back if this still fails for you?

answered Dec 2 by datalab (3,880 points)

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