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This is a minor issue, but when I download images from the image cutout tool, the name of the .fits file appears incorrect. For example, instead of something like "DES0156-0041_r2624p01_Y.fits", images are named "cutout?col=des_dr1&siaRef=DES0156-0041_r2624p01_Y.fits.fz&extn=1"

asked Aug 16, 2018 by anonymous | 420 views

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Hi there,

The reason for the long filename is to ensure the uniqueness of names of image cutouts that come from the same base image.  But we have removed as much of the extraneous text as we can from the filename, while still leaving enough information to identify the file uniquely.
answered Aug 16, 2018 by kolsen (2,700 points)
Hi, thanks for the quick response. I now appear to have a separate issue downloading .fits files specifically from DES DR1 image tiles. For any image i select from the DR1 image tiles, it downloads a 22 byte zip file which cannot be opened. I've tried different browsers and with/without being logged in, and it does not work.
Hi Jason, I've verified the behavior, we are looking at the problem.  Bear with us!
Hi Jason,

Can you give it another try?  Wendy H. deployed a fix that I verified solved the problem.  You may need to reload the page that hosts the image cutout tool.
Hi kolsen, it works perfectly now. Thanks for all the help!

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