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select ra, dec, mag_auto_g, mag_auto_r, mag_auto_i 
from des_dr1.main 
where ra between 49.0 and 49.01 
and dec between -52.1 and -52.05

Fails with:

Error: NoClassDefFoundError: org/postgresql/core/Parser

Both via TAP and web-interface

asked Apr 17, 2018 by Alexey Mints | 215 views

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The TAP service seemed to have gotten into a funny state, although I don't quite understand why at the moment.  It was restarted and appears to be responding normally now.
answered Apr 17, 2018 by datalab (7,680 points)
Hi, I have the same error.

SELECT ra, dec, mag_auto_g, mag_auto_r, mag_auto_i FROM des_dr1.main WHERE((ra between 37.270666666666656 and 37.28733333333332) and (dec between -0.7683083333333319 and -0.7516416666666653))  

with Error: NoClassDefFoundError: org/postgresql/core/Parser

via TAP
I restarted the service  and it appears to be working now even though it's returning exactly the same table description as before.  Let us know if it happens again, thanks for the report.
Hi, the error still happen, after some query (about 10) the server doesn't work

Error: NoClassDefFoundError: org/postgresql/core/Parser
this is the query

SELECT  TOP 2000 * FROM ls_dr6.tractor WHERE((ra between 37.270666666666656 and 37.28733333333332) and (dec between -0.7683083333333319 and -0.7516416666666653))

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