Jupyter Notebook Server

We have set up a public Jupyter Notebook server to allow anonymous access and exploration of the SMASH catalog and images. By clicking this link, you will start an instance of this server running. You can make changes to the example notebooks, but note that these changes will disappear once you close the page or the browser.

Example notebooks in the Data Lab Notebook server

You can view static versions of the example notebooks contained on the Jupyter Notebook server by selecting a notebook from the list below:
  • Basic access (field list, avg. photometry of a field, single-source light curve)
  • Interactive filtering and plotting (Hydra II dwarf galaxy discovery demonstration)
  • Making an interactive source density map
  • Identifying ugr dropout candidates (Simple Image Access search and retrieval)
  • Demonstrating criteria for separating stars and galaxies in the SMASH catalog (visualization of millions of points)