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Column NameDescriptionDatatype
decapsidUnique IDBIGINT
dfluxUncertainty in flux (statistical only)REAL
dfluxlbsUncertainty in local-background-subtracted fluxREAL
dxUncertainty in XREAL
dyUncertainty in XREAL
flagsCommunity pipeline flags at central pixelINTEGER
fluxFlux of sourceREAL
fluxlbsLocal-background subtracted fluxREAL
fracfluxFraction of flux in this object PSF that comes from this objectREAL
gainGain valueREAL
psfOctant of CCD where model was instantiatedINTEGER
qfQuality factorREAL
raRight AscensionDOUBLE
rchi2Average Chi-sq per pixel, weighted by PSFREAL
skySky valueREAL
xX coordinateDOUBLE
yY coordinateDOUBLE