Interact with your data

There are many ways that you will be able to interact with your data through the Data Lab after you complete the Data Discovery step. You will be able to use tools like Topcat, Python, and other software to:

  • Access catalog data through our TAP (Table Access Protocol) service and other custom Data Lab query services
  • Retrieve image data from the NOAO Science Archive using our image cutout service, to get only the image data that you want 

  • Use our Virtual Storage service to make the data transfer process efficient

  • Access custom analysis tools, like our time-series analysis tools or color-magnitude diagram exploration tool

Using Topcat to access DECam catalog data from the Data Lab TAP service and identify the Hydra II dwarf galaxy, and Using the Data Lab image cutout service to show cutouts of an RR Lyrae star in Hydra II.

Using Bokeh in an iPython notebook to interact with DECam photometry of the Hydra II dwarf

Using our custom color-magnitude diagram exploration tool to identify the tidal tails around the globular cluster Pal 5 from DeCALS DR2 catalog data