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ADQL="SELECT ra_cent from des_dr1.tile_info"

java.io.IOException: NoClassDefFoundError: org/postgresql/jdbc2/AbstractJdbc2ResultSet$CursorResultHandler at uk.ac.starlink.vo.TapQuery.readResultVOTable(TapQuery.java:676) at uk.ac.starlink.vo.TapQuery.executeSync(TapQuery.java:246) at uk.ac.starlink.vo.TapTableLoadDialog$6.loadTables(TapTableLoadDialog.java:538) at uk.ac.starlink.table.gui.TableLoadWorker.run(TableLoadWorker.java:118)
asked 4 days ago by Alexey Mints | 8 views

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This appears to have been a temporary problem.  I've restarted the Tomcat server and the query appears to work now, please post back if this or a similar problem returns.
answered 4 days ago by datalab (2,810 points)
Hi, I'm trying to use TAP via Topcat synchronous and asynchronous but the server (http://datalab.noao.edu/tap) never respond even with a simple ADQL='SELECT TOP 10 * FROM ls_dr6.tractor'
The system was hung up again and restarted just now.  We're investigating why the trigger to clear this problem automatically is not working as expected, post back if the problem continues.

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