plot helpers

Data Lab plotting helpers.

plot.plotSkymapScatter(x, y, c=None, clusterlabels=None, s=3, plot='both', xlabel='RA', ylabel='Dec', clabel='', title='', projection='aitoff', **kwargs)[source]

Plot an all-sky projection of data x,y.

  • y (x,) – 1-d sequence of data (both same length), typically RA & Dec, to plotted via scatter onto an all-sky projection. If c=None and clusterlabels=None, the plot is a simple scatter plot.
  • c (seq or None) – If not None, c is a 1-d sequence of the same length as x & y, and will be used as the value for the colormap applied to the datapoints (x,y). If c is not None, a colorbar will be plotted alongside the sky map.
  • clusterlabels (seq or None) – If not None, clusterlabels is a 1-d sequence of same length as x & y, and carries ‘label’ values for each (x,y) pair designating that datapoint as member of some cluster or class. In this case, all scatter points with the same value in clusterlabels will be plotted in the same color.
  • s (float) – Marker size for scatter plot. Will be passed to matplotlib’s scatter(). Default: s=3.
  • plot (str) – Either ‘both’ (default) or ‘scatter’ or ‘outlines’. If clusterlabels is not none, then plot=’outlines’ or plot=’both’ triggers the computation of outlines (as convex hulls) around all clusters identified by the labels in clusterlabels. If plot=’both’, the scatter points and the outlines will be plotted. If plot=’outlines’, only the outlines will be plotted.
  • ylabel (xlabel,) – x and y labels to be plotted. Defaults: ‘RA’ and ‘Dec’. To turn off labels, supply ‘’.
  • clabel (str) – Colorbar label (if c is not None).
  • title (str) – Figure title. Default ‘’.
  • projection (str) –

    Projection of the all-sky map. Default: ‘aitoff’. For other options, check:

    from matplotlib import projections
       [u'aitoff', u'hammer', u'lambert', u'mollweide', u'polar', u'rectilinear']
  • **kwargs (keyword arguments) – All kwargs will be passed on to pylab.scatter().