About the NOAO Data Lab


The overall goal of the NOAO Data Lab is to enable efficient exploration and analysis of the large datasets now being generated by instruments on NOAO’s wide-field telescopes. The Data Lab aims to support four approaches to science with large datasets:

  • Catalog Science, for which discoveries are made purely from catalogs.
  • Data Exploration, for which access to catalogs and pixels is needed to provide the freedom to explore datasets.
  • Collaborative Research, for which the work required to make a discovery depends on the coordinated efforts of a team of people.
  • User-defined Custom Workflows, which will involve potentially complex analyses of catalog objects and/or pixels, requiring interfaces to user scripts and software.

The first two years of development will focus primarily on enabling the first three approaches.

For additional information on the NOAO Data Lab, please explore the documents and presentations from the Data Lab Conceptual Design Review linked on this page.